A Patient’s Guide to Get Started at Back In Action

In the state of Hawaii, a physical therapist can evaluate and treat a patient without a referral from a physician.  For most insurances to cover the visits, however, a prescription or referral is needed from your physician. If you have an HMO, the prescription or referral must be obtained from your primary care physician. If you have a PPO, any physician can prescribe or refer. Tricare Standard will cover physical therapy without a prescription or referral.

A physician can write a prescription on his or her prescription forms. Otherwise, a copy of a referral from Back In Action, Inc. can be printed here.

For no-fault cases, physical therapy can be prescribed by a physician or a chiropractor. 

It is important to understand the details of your insurance. Must you pay an annual deductible? Do you have a co-pay? If so, for what percentage of the charges are you responsible?

Understanding the intricacies of insurance coverage can be difficult. Your insurance card most likely has an information phone line that can answer questions regarding your coverage. We at Back In Action, Inc. would be glad to assist you in understanding your insurance details.

Back In Action accepts the following insurance plans:  

  • AARP
  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • HMAA
  • HMSA PPO and HMO 
  • Mailhandlers
  • MDX
  • Medicare
  • No Fault
  • Queen's Health
  • Summerlin
  • Tricare Prime and  Standard
  • UHA
  • United Health Care