Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Back in Action treats holistically for orthopedic and neurological conditions, placing a strong emphasis on postural mechanics and hands-on therapy to rehabilitate. 

What is the specialty at Back in Action? People. Joanna Bilancieri, DPT specializes in the whole person, rehabilitating injuries acquired in everyday life, including woman's health concerns and incontinence, and running, surfing, climbing, kiting, paddling and other activity-based injuries. Life doesn't allow us to stop! From upcoming world championships to everyday responsibilities that don't allow us to take a break, Joanna understands the need to keep going! Therefore, treatments also emphasize self-help techniques to help patients help themselves recover and minimize future injury while continuing life's pursuits!

As a professional athlete and avid adventurer, Joanna Bilancieri, DPT is on mission to truly get patients back in action!